120 Hour Nurse Aide Program

The Nurse Aide Program is intended to provide the student with the fundamental knowledge, skills and abilities essential for the provision of basic care to residents in long term care facilities, hospitals, and the patient’s home. The students are prepared to meet the requirements necessary to pass the State Exam and become a CERTIFIED Nurse Aide in the State of Virginia.

  • Demonstrate effective infection control practices.

  • Administer and safely meet basic personal care needs of patients.

  • Discuss the role of the CNA in skin care with a focus on prevention of complications.

  • Competently perform vital signs and distinguish normal and abnormal results.

  • Use proper body mechanics to promote safety and prevent injury.

  • Identify the importance of nutrition, demonstrating feeding techniques and incorporating strategies for promoting good dietary health.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the dying process in caring for the terminal patient.

  • Demonstrate the role of the CNA in the admission and discharge process.

  • Promote quality of life.

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